VMware Livefire

What is a livefire?

This term is often associated with military training. These are exercises where participants can live an experience very similar to a real fight.

In the technical field we can compare it to a training event where you operate in real environments, supported and led by an experienced instructor.

We associate VMware to Livefire and we immediately understand what we are talking about.

VMware Livefire is launched in early 2012 as an important tool to support the community of VMware partners. Yes, it is a tool designed for partners and not for end customers. Participation is by direct invitation only from the Livefire team so if you are a VMware partner and want to participate in a Livefire course, you just have to ask your VMware partner manager for information.

This year I had the opportunity to participate in two Livefire courses:

  • NSX-V Livefire – Architecture and Design
  • NSX-T Livefire – Next Generation Cloud Networking

Two very interesting but very different courses, the first (NSX-V) focused more on architecture and design, the second (NSX-T) much more technical and provided with laboratories in the Hands-on Lab style.

You can consult the course catalogue here, there’s something for everyone!

If you look at the course datasheets you’ll find that you need precise prerequisites, normally a VCP level certification.

The courses are undoubtedly challenging and require some experience (nothing to do with a normal install configure and manage course) but I can assure you that if you want to test yourself and meet international professionals and experts this is the experience for you!

With this article I would like to start sharing my experience in the NSX field and tell you about this fascinating technology that continues to evolve day by day.


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